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Fix a Cluttered Mind

How was your transition into 2022?

I started the new year unexpectedly off balance. Phew! After taking a relaxing break this past Christmas, everything that had been paused, came rushing back to me all at once! It was crowding my head. Like too many windows open!

It happens to me from time to time. Does it happen to you?

A cluttered mind can be a BIG creativity killer! The hardest part is that having a busy mind makes you forget every trick on how to fix it! I could tell it was affecting my art making which was frustrating. That’s why having a supportive community to turn to is so important! I was rescued by an artist friend, who reminded me I needed to clear that precious head space.

Here is what I did:

  • A brain dump: I wrote down everything in my head – goals, lists, appts, projects, worries – everything floating around and taking up mental real estate even if I felt like I already had a plan for it or it didn’t seem that important.
  • Updated my planner: based off the things I “brain dumped” (personal due dates, time frames and dates to keep an eye on)
  • Made a priority list of only 3 things that need my focus right now (keep it simple)
  • Finally, I created a personal Bingo Board of all other projects I’d like to work on, but that I don’t have an immediate due date for (It’s hard to decide where to start sometimes. I’ll drop a coin and do whatever it lands on first. If by chance it lands on something and my reaction is that I wish it had landed on something else. Then I know I need to work on that “something else”. – Lessons learned from Make Art That Sells)

Felt great to get things cleared up and focused! If you’re feeling a little bogged down. Try it out. Here is a blank Bingo Worksheet for you, in case you’re suffering from something similar! If you try it, let me know if it helps!

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