I’m Brenda, an illustrator, designer, and delicious cinnamon roll maker! I have been a graphic designer for 16 years and I have more recently transitioned into illustration. I enjoy sharing my love of art with others through teaching and I absolutely love getting to connect with other artists around the world!

I live with my husband and two rambunctious kiddos in beautiful Colorado, USA. You can find me drinking coffee and making art in my kitchen. I enjoy drawing, painting, illustrating, sewing, bookmaking and basically making anything with my hands. My go-to tools are my ink pens, scanner, computer, ipad, procreate and adobe programs.

I love to illustrate.

I dream of illustrating for children's books some day and designing for home decor. I have a class on Skillshare that teaches others how to create their own Animal Portraits. I also teach classes on painting, drawing and crafting at the local Parks and Rec Community Center. You can follow all my artistic adventures on Instagram!


I am very happy to be a part of the incredible Editartz team, an online creative community of illustrators from around the world that regularly shares their editorial, children's, and pattern design work based on monthly prompts. I help manage social media posts and I regularly share my own illustration work with the group.